Thursday, October 18, 2007

Voxtrot Via Art Chantry

Art Chantry is speaking at PNCA tonight. As an exercise for the C4D, each of us in the studio produced a poster for the upcoming Voxtrot show in December. The image above represents my latest efforts. We showed our posters and Mr. Chantry gave us his thoughts, interspersed amongst anecdotes about working in the poster design field.
To design this poster I started by listening to the band. Their sound is an appealing sort of indie pop, that draws from the likes of Morrissey, Belle & Sebastian and Ted Leo. I have enjoyed every track I have listened too. I listened to the music and picked out instruments I heard, illustrating examples with silhouettes. Taking it to the next level I outlined the silhouettes on vellum paper, working backwards from my usual process.
From the critique, Mr. Chantry suggested that the hand drawn type was working well, it just needed to be further integrated with the linework. It got me thinking that the design itself might serve a better purpose as a t-shirt graphic. I'm now planning on restructuring it as a t-shirt, rather than a poster.

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