Thursday, October 11, 2007

Command Centre

This is my studio, Micron Hero HQ, or the Command Centre. Everything happens here at this desk.

Lately, I've been reflecting on the world of design and my place within it. Design is such an epic universe, populated by such amazingly talented folks that I can't help but feel like a small fish in a very large ocean. I've been surrounded by design my entire life, watching my dad cutting photocopied type from antique novels to paste into layouts. I've been on roadtrips and abroad. Design exists everywhere, from vernacular typography on general stores to the most exlusive haute couture clothing items. The rabit hole goes so deep, and there are so many corners of the design world. I try to assume nothing, I'm just a guy with a sketchbook. I'm trying my best to make a name for myself, but all I really want to do in life is continue doing what I've been doing since I was a kid. I'm just trying to make sense of this world we live in.

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