Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I remember Halloween...

Halloween is just around the corner. I'm not usually so macabre, but I figure it's a good chance to play around with some horror movie themes that I don't usually get a chance to use. My good friend Sean needed a flyer for his Karaoke night's Halloween party, so I offered to knock one out for him.
For the flyer, I utilized the monsters I'd created for the Tender Loving Empire art piece that on display this month. I didn't have a chance to scan the piece before it was hung, so I had to make do with a lower-res photo I had taken. I did my best to sharpen the images in photoshop, but gave way to any resolution issues under the reasoning of making the poster old-school. I just tried to have fun with it, I'm pretty satisfied on how it turned out. It's nice to work on something that doesn't need to be over-conceptualized for a change.

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Skyler said...

That iguana is pure gold.

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