Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Back in action...

This is my first day back in the real world after spending the weekend at the Oregon Coast. After Cut & Paste wrapped up I felt a weight off of my shoulders in terms of stress, but I wasn't completely unwound until this weekend. It's crucial in this digital age to spend some time away from the computer, getting in touch with reality again.

This is a piece I drew while at the coast. It's funny because even when I'm drawing on a piece of bristol with no computer in sight, I'm still thinking of how I'm going to color it once I get the line art completed. In a sense, the software exists in my head while I'm drawing analog style.

Speaking of software, in the middle of writing this entry, the FedEx truck pulled up to deliver my CS3 Master Collection. This signals a turning point here at the Micron Hero Design & Illustration Studio. I now declare this here studio a full service shop. Now it will take me some time to get up to speed on the new software, but I now have video editing and effects capabilities. What does this mean? Two words: Motion Graphics. Word.

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