Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portland Funbook submission...

Yesterday was the deadline for submissions to Psilo Design's Portland Funbook 3. Of course I had waited until the day of to get my piece together. I blocked off the whole day to work on it, so I had enough time to produce a good piece of art. After roughing two concepts that I wasn't quite feeling, I got a hit of inspiration from the Micron Hero sticker I produced last year. My piece for this years Funbook is a continuation of the Demon Samurai legend. The Samurai is predominantly inspired by the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi is quite possibly one of the most famous Samurai of all time. Fittingly enough he was also an artist, known for his ink paintings and brushwork. His life is chronicled in the somewhat fictional book Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa. It's probably one of my favorite books.

I see many parallels between graphic artists and the Samurai class. A freelance graphic artist is akin to a wandering Ronin, working for whoever will pay. Of course I would like to experience working for a studio of firm, which would be like serving a lord. We practice our skills in times of peace to be sharp in battle, which is when big project comes along. I nerd out on this stuff on a regular basis. I'll talk more about this at a later time, I just wanted to shed some light on the Micron Hero Samurai.

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