Friday, June 20, 2008

My fixie has been fixed...

I've been riding a fixed gear for, oh about a year now. I love the visceral experience of having your legs in constant motion, the bike really feels like more of an extension of your body than a vehicle. I don't really have a commute at the moment, with school being just down the way and any work I do usually taking place from home. I ride for fun, to get away from the confining glow of this computer screen.

I haven't gotten much riding in over the past couple of months, mainly do to the thesis project and its drain on my time. Combine this with a slipped lockring on my cog and I'm off the road for awhile. Last saturday I took my bike to the shop for a tuneup. The mechanic took the chain off and looked at the hub/lockring setup. Turns out the lockring had been screwed on crooked, messing up the threads. I put a new wheel on it with a much better hub and cog. Hopefully this will stand up better than the last one. I also replaced my dropdown handlebars with a low-rise moustache bar. I like a more upright ride I've found. Time to hit the Springwater Corridor, I'm looking forward to a summer of great riding.

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The Beej said...

are those oury grips? I just got some for my bike.

love the blog man!

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