Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas Stretch...

Now that Christmas is two days past, we face the winter months like a long, barren stretch of highway laid out before us. The rain is falling outside my second floor window. It's terribly cold outside, but not enough to create snow.

It seems like it would be the perfect time to hole up and accomplish some creative work. Unfortunately it's never quite as easy as that. There are a dozen things that could be done, but it's tough to find the drive to get going when it's so damn grey outside. I'd love to go for a long hike in the woods, I suppose that'll have to wait.

Fortunately I have a Wii and a sketchbook, as well as this computer here in front of me. I need to utilize the time during winter break to get a good chunk of my thesis pre-production done. Besides that I have a couple client projects and my new design website. I'll keep plugging away and some good stuff should start appearing, that's how it usually works.

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