Friday, December 7, 2007

Heavens...I've done it again.

but I won't apologize. It's been a long and hectic week down at school. Focus week is over and now it's on to final projects. I presented my thesis proposal, in which I plan to create a motion graphics piece telling the story of the birth of the internet. I'm going to be making my own creation myth. More details to come.
What you see above is the result of a couple hours worth of sketching and collaging. Lately I've felt the need to grow my style. I've found myself slipping into habits and techniques that are tried and true, but getting old. I want to get messy with my work. Precision works but sometimes chaotic works better. Experimentation is crucial for anyone who wants to keep developing as an artist. Keep checking in here if you're interested in how this premise develops.

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