Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Updates

Since uploading my new blog header, my intentions to update this blog daily have been called into question. It should be known that I do have the best of intentions to do so, but sometimes work or life can get in the way of important activities such as sketching and blogging. This past weekend being thanksgiving holiday, was a good example. As a note to anyone who is actually reading these posts, I shall try my best to be more consistent from here on out. After all, Dailey is quite literally my middle name.

Yesterday a quest for "something to zone out on during these cold, short days" resulted in a trip across town and the acquisition of a Super Nintendo. Sarah and I split the cost as a Christmas present to each other. For games we got Donkey Kong Country 2 and Dr. Mario + Tetris combo cartridge. We spent the rest of the night zoning out as intended. In my down time I was able to to sketch out my friends as their hypnotized expressions worked perfectly to draw.

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Robby said...

two things... one, i definitely think you gotta work on more posts since the banner went up. i read em! secondly, i think you have helped me decide on what to get ya for christmas... a super nes game? i dunno, i'm dyin over here buddy! haha.

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