Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Week of Calm...

The Cut & Paste Tournament is over. It's been a calm week since then, I've been slowly settling the nerves that were built up in anticipation of the competition. It was an amazing experience getting up there to crack out a design in 15 minutes. Now deadlines seem a lot easier to meet, having proven I can work fast. I battled to the semifinal round and was honored with the Audience Choice prize. I should be getting Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection in the mail pretty soon. I can't wait to delve into After Effects. I've had a desire to design motion graphics for a long time now, it looks like it's finally about to happen. Keep an eye out for some motion pieces in the near future.

I just completed my piece for Tender Loving Empire's upcoming October show: Headless Body in a Topless Bar. The working theme of the show is monsters. For my piece I got in touch with my morbid side, channeling my fears into a gruesome tribute to Halloween. I didn't get a chance to scan the piece, so you'll have to show up at TLE in October to check it out.
It's finally looking like autumn outside my studio window. This is a sketchbook piece I did a couple nights ago. I've been drawing clowns and mimes a bit lately. I'm not sure why I've been exploring these themes, perhaps it's because I used to be afraid of clowns and mimes that I now want to use them for my own purposes. They baffle me still though.

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