Saturday, September 8, 2007

Carpal Tunnel, anyone?

I've been in the studio all day and it's made me a bit crazy. I'm doubled up on illustration projects so I've been working solidly since 10:30 or so. My wrists are feeling it. I've been working 6 days a week lately, saved only by my rule of not doing any work on sundays.

Cut & Paste is less than two weeks away. I'm hoping that my current state of busy-ness will serve as a trial-by-fire for the competition. I have no summer rust to shake off, I've hit the school year running. I'm in that state of mind where there is no premeditation, simply design instinct transferred into action. I'm looking forward to representing PNCA in the tournament. They've given me so much these past two years, the least I can give back is my very best effort.

Cut & Paste - Portland


Robby said...

shoulda complimented it more when i saw that today. very well done jakey! lookin forward to cut & paste fa sho.

Jaclyn Jean said...

Hi Jake,

Found you via homeroom, Tabor and I were checking out your new site just now. Best of luck with Cut & Paste! You will represent PNCA very well. And the new web site looks great.

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