Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beat the heat...

We're officially into the dog days of summer. It's been a hot one and I've spent most of it behind this computer screen. This heat makes it hard to keep at it, but I trudge on. It's a battle just figuring out what to type here. Tomorrow is looking even hotter. I've been invited out to Nike HQ to do some live art for their monthly Thirst Thursday employee party. I don't have a whole lot of details at this point, but I will most definitely write a follow up post on this. I'm really stoked to get some exposure over at Nike.

My seventeen year-old sister Madeline just recently completed a pre-college course in design at PNCA. The work from the high schoolers this year is some of the best I've seen from the age group. I'm gonna have to start watching my back 'cuz the kids are coming up. My sister has quite a talent for graphic design, especially hand lettering. The pre-college course culminated in a First Thursday show in the commons. Madeline produced a 3D illustration with little electric lights behind the windows. I told her to keep posting stuff, she could be freelancing before she graduates high school. I'm really stoked to watch her progress. Her Flickr photostream is linked below, add her and watch her grow. The show is up through the month of August and definitely a must see. This is the new school, so watch out.

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