Friday, July 11, 2008

Where to now?

Lately I've felt as though I'm at a junction in my career. I have two options before me: hit the job hunt with full force or dive headlong into the world of freelance design. I am strongly considering the latter option. I did a good deal of freelance work during school, as a means to make some extra cash and bolster my portfolio at the same time. I have a website already built and I'm in the process of planning another. I've received some good exposure through the Cut & Paste competition, PNCA and the Portland Funbook. Now is as good a time as ever to try doing my own thing. I have no mortgage, outstanding debt or children (knock on wood). In other words, what do I have to lose? There are a lot of things I would like to accomplish as a freelancer, and I'm steadily moving down the list. It's great to be the art director on projects. Right now I have wrapped up a couple of great projects since finishing school. I'm waiting for them to be published to talk about them on here, but they'll be up soon enough.

On a related note, I'd like to showcase a few great illustrators and designers that have inspired me to keep pushing myself to the next level with each project. These folks are truly great. Just click on the name to check their portfolios. Note: All images courtesy of their respective artists.

Yuko Shimizu

Amazing inkwork, delightfully twisted subject matter and a sophisticated color pallate, what more could you ask for?

Ashley Wood

A painterly style with a graphic sensibility; Woods's work inspires me to loosen up and try anything with my compositions.

Mike Perry

Guru of handmade type. Inspires me to keep on playing with words.

Benny Gold

Super skilled, super slick. Benny Gold breaks down the design process to the fundamental level. His solutions are always elegant and remarkable.

Hope this little series gives you some bookmark fodder, these are definitely ones to garner inspiration from. I'll continue on with this series of tributes to my heroes, so check back.

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