Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in the stu-stu-studio...

I'm back from what I would call a very successful camping trip. We ventured out towards Mt. Hood, with a certain camp spot in mind and ended up getting it. Situated right next to the Salmon River we set up our tents and camp stove. Mostly it involved a lot of campfire, s'mores, whittling and eating. I sat up on a rock for an hour or so and got some drawing time in. It was great to have a break from the rigid right angle geometry of the city. The organic, rounded forms of nature provide so much inspiration for a city kid like myself. Things in the forest take on such unexpected forms, dictated by the forces of nature. It was a great chance to recharge my creative battery and kick off a great summer. Many many pictures to come, soon enough.

Now I am back in the studio, surrounded by my digital tools. I have a fresh set of illustrations to tackle, along with some designs to finalize. The sounds of Ratatat's LP3 bubble from the speakers and I'm officially back in action. It feels good.

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