Friday, August 24, 2007

Newspapers - Lakeview EP

I got my copy of the final, full color process printed album last night. It turned out better than I could've expected. did a brilliant job on the printing. The cover is printed on a high-gloss, UV-coated stock that's slick as all hell. There's nothing like the satisfaction of getting something back from the printers. The music is awesome and it the whole thing goes well together as a cohesive package. The guys in the band have been awesome and fun to work with, allowing me all the creative freedom I could ask for. I'm proud to support their music with my design and illustration and look forward to future projects together. Now let me nerd out on the details:

This is the initial sketch I based the packaging off of, you can see elements that made it into the final version.

The album cover with the two main tools used to create it, micron pen for linework and wacom tablet for coloring.

I didn't plan it, but the fills for the "Lakeview EP" lettering were left empty, so the mirrored surface of the disc shines through. You could say it's a happy design accident that made the final product even better.

The illustration lines up perfectly with the plastic disc tray.

The back looks extra legit with the barcode in place.

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ps. be sure to check out the Newspapers myspace site where you can purchase the Lakeview EP.

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