Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy with The Dapper Cap...

I've finished up the front illustration w/type treatment for the latest Dapper flyer. This one is to promote a series of thursday evening DJ events that will run through the winter. We're bringing in DJs to spin on thursday nights from 5-9pm. We'll have beer from Widmer Bros. to lubricate the evening. There are sales up to 50% off on most of the hats in the shop. Come by this thursday and grab a beer with the Dapper crew, including myself. Try on some hats perhaps. More details to come.

I've been working with The Dapper Cap for about four months total now. It's been a valuable experience, developing a brand from scratch and then continuing to develop it. In my past branding experiences, I've handed the brand off to another designer at the end. With The Dapper Cap I am the art director, so I can continue to evolve the brand with each new piece of collateral. In the beginning, I designed the identity with flexibility in mind. Quite frankly a brand needs to be flexible in order to survive avoid the economic grim reaper. I picked our colors and logo to be distinct. A brand should be recognizable even without the logo present. In short, I know that year from now when I'm well into my career, I'll look back on The Dapper Cap identity and be proud of the work I produced.

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